Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Erotic Truth Day 9: Jesus said NO!!!

Question: Does your religion/beliefs hinder your sexual expression?

Answer: Now I know fornication is a sin...

So is adultry...

So is lustful thoughts...

Sadly ive done all three...

I need to stop before I burn in Hell :-(


Thursday, May 26, 2011

Erotic Truth Day 8: No means NO!!!

Question: What is your definition of rape? Date rape?

Answer: Rape is when a stranger attacks you and forces you to have sex, causing physical and emotional harm.

Date rape is when someone who you thought you knew and trusted forces you to have sex, causing the same if not more physical and emotional stress.

No means no... PERIOD!!! How can someone live with themselves taking from other people? Whether its money or your body, if you make an advance on another person and they turn you away, then you keep it moving. Just because a man takes a woman out, she's not obligated to give you her body. You damn sure dont have the right to take it.

No means NO!!!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Erotic Truth Day 7: The Best Lover I Ever Had.

*Write a letter to the best lover you ever had*

Dear ???????,

I know it's been 69 minutes

Since you been in it

But I had to spill some ink from my pen

As I felt you deep within

My womanly space

You took me to a place

Where pleasure was nonstop

And my body was constantly hot

You was a bad mutha...


When your tongue traveled down south

I sung a symphony

Even though it was a little off key

It was a melody nonetheless

You kissed my lips while you fondled my breasts

And I confess that





I will NEVER settle for less

I needed to get this off of my chest

When we positioned into 69

You sent chills down my spine

And I was enebriated

Not just off the wine

But the way we intertwined

I became love drunk off your grind

Your head game was priceless

And the way you worked your penis...


A sexual genius

It's like I could taste each and every stroke inside of me

Felt like a distant memory

When you exited my lower region

With you...

Making love will ALWAYS be in season

I look forward to the next 69 days

When you'll twist my body 69 different ways

And causes floods that will carry me away

I know it's been 69 minutes

Since you were in it

But I just had to let you know that you're simply







Copyright 2011. LeeLee Aint Msbehavin'.

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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Erotic Truth Day 6: *Seductive Grin*

*After 3 dates, I finally have him over for a night cap*

My eyes will tell him all he needs to know.

*I want you... NOW!*

My plump, juicy lips displays a seductive grin while whispering...

*I crave you*

Into his ear, right before I nibble on the corner.

Soft strokes across his bald head with my hands.

*I desire you*

He takes in the scent of my perfume.


As I straddle his lap. His hands travels up and down my thick body, while I slowly lick his ear and neck.

*He's aroused*

Tongues wrestling while pelvises grinding, reminding him of how much he's wanted.

As I get up, I sashay towards the bedroom, taking off my dress.

*Follows my lead*

He lay on his back while lick and suck on everything that brings him pleasure and rode him til he was out of gas.

As he slept, I cuddled up with him thinking to myself...


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Monday, May 23, 2011

Erotic Truth Day 5: Put It In Your Mouth!

Question: She doesnt suck dick/He doesnt lick clits... Is that a deal breaker.
Answer: In a commited relationship, I dont see anything wrong with a little cunnilingus/fellatio. But that old saying STILL rings true...
If you dont do it, theres someone else who will.
Sex is important in a relationship. If youre holding back, how are you suppose to get closer with your other half?
In my 20's I didnt feel comfortable putting my mouth down there. This is the same mouth I kiss my mama and my kids with. In my 30's, I was getting more into fellatio, but dont you DARE cum in my mouth or on my face cause I KIIIILL U!!! Now that im in my 40's, I am the undisputed...
HEAD Bitch in Charge!!!
I will suck off the meat like its bbq ribs, make them toes curl while asking you...
Whose your Mama?
Say YOUR name nigga! Say your mutha fuckin name dammit!!!
Msbehavin' dont play with the dick! My nigga (when I have one who isnt cheating... Thats another blog) is sucked, fucked and fed and I besta get the same in return. And now I recently started swallowing too...
I better get mines!
If not, his ass gets thrown back in rotation till he starts minding somebody...
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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Erotic Truth Day 4: Indecent Proposal.

Question: If you were approached and offered to do one porno scene for $20,000, would you do it? Why?

Answer: As tempting as it may sound at first, I would have to decline. $20,000 isnt alot of money. I need to be making 'Friends' or Charlie Sheen money...

$1,000,000 per episode you say?


But seriously, I wouldnt because theres a few porn stars who contracted AIDS through unprotected sex and I cant go out like that!

No amount of money is worth losing my life!

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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Erotic Truth Day 3: Safety Word!

"Your thoughts on S & M..."
Sadomasochism: A form of physical role playing broadly refers to the receiving of pleasure--often sexual--from acts involving the infliction or receiving of pain or humiliation.
BDSM: Bondage and discipline.
-D/s: Dominance and
Usually involves either physical or psychological restraint, formalized service and/or punishment, and sometimes sexual role playing, such as costumes.
With that being said...
The whole dressing up/role playing thing is sexy! One time he was the principal and I was the student who had to suck and fuck her way out of detention.
He wore a suit and I wore a letterman jacket and a short skirt. I was in his "office" because I cussed out the teacher, so I got smack with a ruler til my ass turned red.
Since I have a high tolerance for pain, I LOVED getting spanked. when theres consenting adults involved, it could be a very cumtastic experience. But you MUST have a safety word. Thats that GET OUT OF JAIL FREE card in your game of sexual monopoly. Once that safety word is used, you CANNOT pass go!
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Erotic Truth Day 2: Experience Needed!

Question: If you meet someone right now that is a 30 year old virgin, would you be willing to be their first?
*crickets churping*
Answer: When youre a woman of a particular age (like myself), one does not have the time or patience to teach a class or to read through a manual on how to bring LeeLee to orgasm.
I need you to BRING IT! I need hearts racing, heavy breathing, bodies sweating, tongues flicking, hair pulling, backs scratched, walls collapsing and kitties dying. I need a man to bring the pain making me forget my own mutha fuckin name.
I cant do that with a virgin.
When it comes to sex, experience is needed!
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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Erotic truth day 1: The day I became A WOMAN

It seemed like I was last at EVERYTHING as a teen. Had my first kiss at 17, my first boyfriend at 18. I wanted soooooo bad to lose my virginity. I heard stories from my friends who lost theirs and I felt left out.

I was around 19 or 20 when I started dating my boyfriend. We were together around 4 months before he got the goodies.

One cold winter Satutday night he called me and asked if I wanted to come over. His parents were out of town for the weekend. He picked me up and we were hugging and kissing and I told him...

"This is my first time."

His response was...

"Since when?"

*blank stare*

I was so scared that I tensed up and nothing happened that night...
or the next night...

Finally on the third night I was comfortable enough to relax and let the magic happen.

I dont recall it being mind blowing or the earth moving or singing in the background.

We were together for a year and a half before he died. I had beautiful memories with him and I dont regret letting him be my first.

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