Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The List

I’m in a mad dash to get to the store Parked my car at the shopping center And rushed passed people With my list in hand Milk Eggs Juice Fruit Funny thing is I can’t find a single thing on my list Shoot But what I did find was him A few feet away All buffed and shit He waved I smiled In the middle of the aisle He approaches me but I don’t have time to chit chat He hugged me and I was smothered by His intoxicating scent of musk I gave him a light kiss on his cheek My knees began to fall weak I remember him from my past Back when I was young and fast We were friends Then we dated And we mated But we gone our own separate ways That was a few yesterdays ago And here we are today Would you like to check out our specials? He asked with that deep baritone that I loved so much Damn near melted as his hand touched The lower part of my spine I said that I didn’t have the time I need to get what’s on my list Juice Fruit Whipped cream Honey That wasn’t there before I can’t feel my feet touch the floor He always had that effect on me Floating on clouds I can hear my heart beat out loud In my chest I have some things that just came in Would you like to take a look? I was shook He was a delicious specimen of a man But flirting with him was not in my plan I’m here specifically to purchase what’s on my list Whipped cream Honey Massage oils Edible body paint Wait… I didn’t write this down I looked all around the store and haven’t seen what I originally came here for He did have all that I wanted and more I can’t… I shan’t… I got to… C’mon, I have something in the back that I know you would like He grabbed me by the hand You don’t understand I’m in a hurry It’s imperative that I get what’s on my list Massage oils Edible body paint Handcuffs Pop rocks Imagine my shock when I looked up and noticed That I wasn’t in the grocery store Instead I mistakenly went into the freaky sneaky shop Wondering how did my panties come off?