Friday, October 19, 2012

You Belong To Me (Poem inspired by Fifty Shades of Grey)

He wanted me to submit to him... To relinquish my independence Me... being dependent on a man was reprehensible ...The principle of our "arrangement" Was to serve my master It was a disaster in the making Weighing out the pros and cons Of him becoming my Dom Would I be able to handle the outcome? When it comes to hard limits I put my foot down... But if I don't comply with Daddy's commands I'll get the smack down While tied up... Bound within the confines of this room Let's resume with our edge play, he demanded I was a slave to his rhythm I'm guilty of masochism Seeking the pleasure of his punishment But to what extent? A little tit torture won't hurt anybody... Much He was rough with his touch Had a fetish for inflicting pain Choke chain tightens around my neck When I neglected my duties BEND OVER He ordered as I lay across his knees YOU BELONG TO ME He teased me while denying me what I craved Having second thoughts about being his love slave But I hungered for his insertion To make waves inside my ocean I continued to wait... Directed me to masturbate Without cumming My emotions were running With nowhere to go Hated the fact that I signed over control Of my body, mind and soul These restrictions were taking its toll Blindfolded where I can't even see He tugged on my choke chain until I fell to my knees I heard the sound of authority as he spoke Shoved his dick down my throat And provoked moans in between gags Reflexes subdued since my hands were tied Tried to block out the pain I received from his corporal punishment Because I knew the end result would be him pleasing me So to please Daddy I sucked his dick And took those hits Paddle felt across my ass struck hard and swift I quickly surrendered to my master And he was pleased Squeezed lotion on my bruised bottom Gently rubbing it I love it when he caresses me He freed me from the ties that bind me Removing the blindfold from my eyes Saw the rise of him hard and erect He kissed my neck and I knew what was next Ice cubes glide across my body before sex Suctioning on nipples stimulated wetness Agony turned into ecstasy His tongue slid between my knees We were both filled with desire Our bodies on fire He bogarted his way inside of me Freeing the monster hidden inside of his jeans Reeking havoc against my walls Rain falls constantly Frequently bringing me to orgasm And I rode him... Felt him at his highs and lows Eyes roll as he grew inside of me His rock was a hard place I gyrated on while We were face to face Raced to catch that nut That drove me crazy We laid there lazily YESSSSSSSSSS... He wanted me to submit to him And I did I closed my eyelids He whispered in my ear YOU BELONG TO ME ©LeeLee Aint Msbehavin' 2012

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